Duke's Executive Service

Duke's Executive Sports Service is for the small player looking for a bankroll building program, looking to play 4-6 games everyday. This includes our T.V games, Best-Bets, High Percentage System Plays, and don't forget Duke's Personal Best each week.
These plays may include NFL picks, college football picks, NBA picks, college basketball picks or other winning sports picks.
Over the past 10 years the Executive Service has had a winning percentage of 63% winners. In 2005, Duke's Executive Sports Service has made you big money with the infamous Parlay Club. The Parlay Club cashed 29-3 teamers and 12-4 teamers from pre-season to the Super Bowl. All complete with analysis, matchups and nifty handicapping angles by top scouts and analysts.
Moderate players, get 4-6 plays each call and build their bankroll with hot multi-plays like our Saturday Six Pack, Grand Slams and Triple Plays, along with parlay card action and the Totals Plays of the Day.
If you want great games and winning picks then the Executive Sports Service is for you.