Duke's Round Table

My Round Table Group Plays won last season more than 60% of the time!
$100 players showed a profit of more than $41,000!!
My Round Table Group has not had a losing season since 1994! THAT'S MORE THAN TEN YEARS!
My Round Table Group won in the colleges last year!! With Complete Authority!
So EXCLUSIVE it’s limited to 100 players annually!

My Round Table Group Absolutely Destroyed The Soft NFL Numbers Last Season
Please consider this your invitation to join one of the most profitable clubs in all of sports...
For the record, I have not had a losing record with this club since 1994 and that means I am going for my 12th consecutive winning season.
Last Season, I hit just over 69% winners with my Round Table Group and those who bet $100 per unit showed a profit at the end of the regular season of more than $41,000. Those who bet more obviously won more.
As I was getting ready to write this letter, my first thought was simply to list all the winners of last season and to tell you, if you liked what you saw, give me a call and get immediate action.
But I realized that you need to know what sets Duke's Round Table Group apart from the rest of my sports services. It is quite different in that the games I release to members of this elite group are the consensus opinion of a very select group of handicappers, Wise guys, lines makers and bookmakers with which I run.
All these guys are winners and winning is something they have done for years. There are no 30-day wonders or flash-in-the-pan guys in this group. This is the "Who's Who" of sports betting-all people who either bet or take serious action and who share their thoughts with a small group of people of which I am honored to be a member.
On Monday of each week I begin talking to all the people in the group to see if they have any strong feelings about any particular game. We discuss all these games with one another and frankly all of us are looking for someone to convince us not to bet. By Friday morning we have all challenged the games and opinions and few survive. At some point during the week, someone usually finds a hole in what on Monday was a strong opinion. At the end of the handicapping process, I take it a few steps further.
Every Friday, with these games at hand, I get on the telephone and talk to bookmakers, some giants in the industry and others who book a small group of sharp bettors. I ask them where the money has showed, how much has been bet, and how many tickets are involved. I want to know if 1,250 people bet $75,000 on a game, or if three heavy-hitters bet the $75,000. It makes a big difference.
If I find that the heavy hitters have taken a big, but quiet stand on a particular game, and that is a consensus game from my handicapping friends, that becomes a candidate for the Private Investors play. Always keep in mind there are bookmakers' lines and they are not necessarily the same.
I then call the smartest lines maker in the world and ask how he arrived at the original number on these games, and whether he thinks the handicappers and the sharps have good reasons to like the side they do.
I then use all the combined information to make my final decision and these games become my Private Investors Club plays in both the colleges and the NFL.

While my Inner Circle Club games are released as 3, 4, and 5 unit plays Round Table Group selections are always at least 10 units and as many as 27 units. These are real power plays and I can assure you will always be on the right side.
We won't win them all, but we will have the right team in every one of these games! And you can be rest assured that being on the right side in 2006 should be as least as profitable as being on the right side was in 2005-more than 69% winners and a profit of more than $41,000.
I can say without any fear of contradictions that, if you are looking to bet more money on a limited number of plays, and are looking for BIG returns, Duke's Round Table Group is for you.

Get ready for the winning run of your life!
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